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MCM content management system

MCM content management system is the main product developed by Manavell Websites. This software allows our customers the management of the content they create for publishing in their websites, including text, images, audio, video, and more.

Among its main characteristics are:
  • Collaboration: the MCM system has important functions to manage users and their permissions to do different tasks, permitting them the organization of the team work. In this way it supports team work done by people localized remotely, for creating, publishing and managing content while collaborating.
  • Flexibility: the MCM system can be configured to be adapted to the requirements of different kind of customers, what allows to incorporate it in a natural way to the day-to-day work of its users.
  • Easy implementation: for setting up an average website managed with the MCM system only 7 days are needed since the customer orders it through our website. This is because the MCM system is always hosted at our servers and customers access to it directly through a standard browser and through any kind of Internet connection.
  • Simplicity: one of the premises maintained at Manavell Websites is the simplicity of usage of the MCM system and the other provided services. Both the process of setup of a new account and the website maintenance are based on that premise.
  • Excellent price/benefits ratio: the solution provided by Manavell Websites has a lower price than the acquisition of all services and tools in an individual basis, and lower than an in-house development inside the organization.
    Among the MCM system highlights are: unlimited number of users, control of their level of access, unlimited capacity for managing content, easy-to-adapt process of content management for your organization and basic website usage statistics.
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The MCM system is provided as a hosted solution at Manavell Website’s servers. Our customers access to it directly through a standard browser and through any kind of Internet connection.
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