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Who can use our complete content management solution?

Our offer is directed to organizations with limited budgets for maintaining their online presence and with the need of a web site that is easy to control and to update frequently.
Can use our services:
  • media organizations, small portals (vertical, regional or local ones), and other content creators and providers, those which are exclusively online and those which already has a presence out of the Internet.
  • other organizations (companies or non-profit organizations) which as a result of their activities create and publish content in different formats frequently, for selling or distributing them to their customers, associates or members through the Internet (for example, associations, Educational institutions and public offices with specific functions).

Want to publish other kind of content on the Internet?

Contact us. We develop and maintain other kind of web sites, for companies or non-profit organizations. You can contact us here.

Do you already have a website?

If you already have a web site online, contact us too. We could tell you for free how to improve your web site.

Contact us now by clicking here.