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Additional services

Besides the MCM content management system, we offer you all services you need to maintain a succesful online presence.
  • Domain hosting and e-mail services: for organizations that recently began to integrate their activities with the Internet, Manavell Websites offers this basic service with the same quality and customer service of a MCM system customer. It includes domain pointing to our severs (, up to 10 POP3 e-mail accounts, and 200 Mb. of server disk space, with an unlimited message size. Besides it includes a single-page website with the logo and information of your organization.
  • MCM system add-ons: although the MCM system is provided with a sufficient capacity for an average website, in case your organization needs more we provide additional server disk space, additional data transference for the website or additional e-mail accounts.
  • Consulting services: a major proportion of a successful online presence on the Internet has to do with a good planning and the analysis of the presenceís evolution. The experience we have is very precious, and that is why we offer consulting services like website planning and development, online strategy planning, statistics and usability analysis of your existing website.
  • Other additional services: to satisfy all your needs to maintain a successful online presence, we offer services of website promotion in directories and search engines, graphic design (logos, banners, etc.), partial or complete re-design of your existing website, and back-up of your content to CDs.
Contact us. In all cases these services are priced and delivered according to your specific needs. Contact us by clicking here.

Domain registration

The solution provided by Manavell Websites based on its MCM system requires you to transfer your website and domain name to our servers. If you have not a domain name yet, we can register it for you, without cost. Nevertheless you must consider a cost charged by the Domain Registrar.
Manavell Websites uses services of leading domain registrars so that we can offer our customers the lowest possible price on registering their domain.
At this time we cannot register international domains. The domain name registration success is subject to the domain availability, something that Manavell Websites cannot guarantee.
For more information about domain name registration contact us here.

Do you already have a website?

If you already have a website online, contact us too. We could tell you for free how to improve your website.

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