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Manavell Websites specializes in providing a complete solution for small organizations that create content for publishing on the Internet through their web sites.
Why to buy all services you need from distinct providers, paying more for them and wasting time combining them?
Our solution includes:
  • Content management software: our main product is Manavell Content Management (MCM) system, easy to use and easy to implement. It allows you to develop and to maintain your organizationís web site easily and with money and time saving.
  • Website and software hosting: the MCM system is provided as a hosted solution at our servers. You do not need to invest additional money in hardware or software, while you delegate to us the critical tasks, such as the MCM systemís maintenance and the contentís security.
    Thanks to MCM system is always hosted at our servers, you always will have an upgraded and more powerful version of it.
  • Dedicated technical support: our objective is to allow you to create and publish your content without to be worried about technical issues or without investing in equipment to secure a fine working of your web site. Our time is dedicated to solve all the technical issues related with publishing content on your web site.
  • Additional services: content's publication on the Web demands, besides web site hosting and a good content management system, a set of additional services to cover the rest of your specific needs. You can learn more about these services here: Additional Services.
Manavell Websites offers all these services in a complete solution from US$ 29.95 per month. See the prices to acquire it.

See for yourself some of the advantages of our MCM system. Try our demo now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can I manage/publish in my web site with the MCM system?

Between the content you can manage/publish in your web site with the MCM system are news, articles or other text, photos, illustrations, animations, audio or video files, classifieds, greeting cards, etc.
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