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Manavell Content Management growths in the path to Knowledge Management

<p><strong>November 15, 2005. Santa Fe, Argentina.</strong> </p><p>Manavell Websites released the version 1.9.1 of its content management system, Manavell Content Management (MCM). This new version introduces important functionalities to improve the MCM system efficiency for the knowledge management. </p><p>According to Carlos Mozzati, COO in Manavell Websites and responsible for the development of MCM, “modern tools for the publication of information have to progress in such a way as to allow the natural modelling of knowledge within the organizations”. We are developing our content management system so it enables organizations to integrate their publishing contents as well as to capture the essence of the relationships between the different parts of the organization (products, processes, etc), thus enhancing the search and reuse of knowledge inside or outside it. </p><p>Among the MCM 1.9.1 characteristics there are new functions to manage the relationships between different kinds of contents. In this way, MCM allows the efficient management of the relations between basic contents (pages, pictures, files, links, banners, etc.) and more complex or specific contents (resources created based on specific needs – such as a communication media poll in mass). These improvements enhance the modelling capacity of MCM, simplify the tasks to create dynamic contents, and expand the possibilities of relationships creation. They also allow larger granulation of contents to obtain better re-utilization and better search systems, among other advantages. </p><p>“No doubt the Internet will go on growing until it becomes and consolidates as the means to contribute and share knowledge, and not just a passive source of information as we know it today. The most important: to take advantage of this great tool is not necessary any more to be a big organization”, adds Luciano Kay, CEO of Manavell Websites. </p><p> </p><p><strong>About Manavell Websites</strong> </p><p> </p><p>Based in Santa Fe, Argentina, Manavell Websites provides a solution of content management and knowledge management for those organizations that need to create, manage and use contents / knowledge inside a group or team, including their publication in the Internet. The main tool is the Manavell Content Management software, accessible through the web, with an excellent cost / benefit ratio. </p><p>Besides, Manavell Websites provides a series of additional services that allow customers to cover any aspect related to the publishing of contents on the web. For more information, you can contact Manavell Websites at or by e-mail: You can also try the Manavell Content Management Demo version in the same website. </p><p></p>