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How soon could I have my web site with the Manavell Websites' solution?

<p>Since the moment you buy the services of Manavell Websites through this web site, you get access to the Customer's Area, including the technical support area. </p><p>Also from this moment, if you choose us to develop your web site, we begin with the design based on the requirements you send us. The period of web development depends on the complexity of that web site. As a reference, a web site like the one created for <a href=\"<@pag_url_demo@>\">our Demo</a> has a maximum time of development of a week. </p><p>In other hand you must consider that in any case, the time to access to your new web site and to the MCM system for content management depends on the time needed to <a href=\"<@pag_url_servicios_adicionales@>#domain\">registering or transferring your domain to our servers</a>, something that takes between 48 and 72 hours normally.</p>

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