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Manavell Websites Demo

Here you can test the Manavell Content Management system, the main tool in the solution offered by Manavell Websites.

Please, complete the form below to enter to the MCM system installed in our Demo web site.
We need your name and e-mail to send you the directions to enter the demo.
Thank you.



Please, enter the security code:

Why do you ask me this information to enter to the Demo version?

Manavell Websites asks you about this information to know more accurately its customers and web site's users. In this way we try to fit better our services to customer's requirements.
This information is used internally in the company, then it is not revealed to other people.
You can learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Demo web site

We have built a complete web site for you, then you could see the real operation of the system. Nevertheless take into account that some functionalities were limited for security reasons in this version.
You can see the web site built with the Demo version here: