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About Manavell Websites

Manavell Websites is based in Santa Fe city, Argentina. We have more than four years of experience developing and maintaining websites, specially media websites. That’s the reason why we have an important knowledge about issues like website concept, general design, maintenance, customer service, etc.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make possible to our customers to obtain benefits from publishing their content on the Internet.


Among our values we can mention quality assurance of our products and services, content's safety and privacy of customer's information, continuous innovation and the maintenance of an excellent price/benefits ratio.

The team

Our team is small, but very qualified. The most of it works on a project basis, which allows us to be more flexible and to be less costly for our customers. The team leaders:

  • Eng. Carlos Mozzati ()
  • Eng. Silvina Suarez ()


Manavell Websites offers innovative solutions for leading organizations in the industry of content creation for the Internet.
Our customers range from media web sites like El Santafesino to non-profit web sites like Centro Pyme Litoral.

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About Manavell Websites

You can download these files to have all the information about our company, our products and our services (Spanish):

Presentación de Manavell Websites (165 Kb)

Manavell Websites: soluciones para publicar en la web (155 Kb)

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